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Our Success in 2019

This summer we partnered with Bellarmine in two ways. Dr. David Paige, Associate Professor of Education, came out to Summerbridge during our first and last week of school and conducted both oral and written literacy tests to a total of 35 students. Five measures of reading achievement were administered:

His study concluded that the Summerbridge literacy curriculum provides effective instruction that improves student reading. Our program makes a difference in the lives of struggling middle school students!

In addition to Dr. Paige, PhD students at Bellarmine studied Summerbridge as an organization and worked all summer on examining the who, what, and why of our model. The conclusions included a draft of a logic model, with work to be done by the Board of Directors on clarifying the mission and outcomes of Summerbridge so we can move forward with building on our success. We will continue to work with Bellarmine and Dr. Paige and are excited for the future.

By The Numbers

Students found academic success
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Increased their Math scores
0 %
Improved in Language Arts


We had students who showed their social and emotional growth everyday, both in and out of the classroom.   It was our first summer at Collegiate and we could not have been more supported in our academic pursuits!